xCBL 3.5 XML Document Definitions

    xCBL3.5 contains 9 new documents as well as updated documents from xCBL3.0. The documents are listed below by functional group. Documents which are new to xCBL3.5 are described below. To view the definition of an xCBL3.0 doc simply click on the link and you will be redirected to the xCBL3.0 List Of Documents page.



    Catalog Content 

    Message Management 

    • MessageAcknowledgement
    • ApplicationResponse: A message used by one Application (the receiver of a Business Document) to indicate to another Application (the sender of the Business Document) a business response to the received document. The document can report content errors in a document, acknowledge the receipt or successful processing of a document or can be used in those cases where a business response is needed. The ApplicationResponse document is only to be used when a specific response document does not exist for a Business Document.

    Invoicing and Payment 

    Material Managment 

    • AdvanceShipmentNotice
    • GoodsReceipt: A message initiated by the party, which received the goods. In most cases this is the buyer, but can also be a third party. The GoodsReceipt can be used to provide customary and established business and industry practice relative to the notification of receipt or formal acceptance of goods and services. The message is used to report the physical receipt of goods. It allows for the reporting of discrepancies in products, quantities, terms, packages, etc. It should not be used to convey inventory positions- this will be handled in a separate xCBL document. The GoodsReceipt is often sent when there is a discrepancy between the material being received and the information that was transmitted in the AdvanceShipmentNotice (ASN). The GoodsReceipt can also be used as a credit memo in a 'pay on ASN relationship.' In this scenario the GoodsReceipt is used as a reference for payment, as in an Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS).
    • PlanningSchedule
    • PlanningScheduleResponse
    • ShippingSchedule
    • ShippingScheduleResponse

    Order Management 

    • Order
    • OrderConfirmation: A message sent by the seller to the buyer to provide a confirmation on goods or services in a previously received order or orders. The OrderConfirmation can provide more specific information than was included in the Order on the specific goods and services. Multiple OrderConfirmation documents are possible for a single order and the OrderConfirmation document can be used for multiple Order documents. This document is to be sent once the services are complete.
    • OrderConfirmationResponse: A message sent from a buyer to a seller to confirm receipt of the OrderConfirmation. The OrderConfirmationResponse accepts or rejects the previously sent OrderConfirmation.
    • OrderRequest
    • OrderResponse
    • ChangeOrder
    • OrderStatusRequest
    • OrderStatusResult


    Sourcing Documents 

    • SourcingCreate: A message used to seek quotations using the sourcing application on the portal. The SourcingCreate document defines what goods or services are to be sourced, under what conditions the participants must respond to be considered and what elements are visible to the participants. This document contains all the information necessary for a sourcing event to be created at the portal.
    • SourcingCreateResponse: A message sent from the sourcing application to the initiator of the sourcing event to notify if the event was successfully started.
    • SourcingResult: A message sent by the sourcing application to the initiator of the sourcing event to report the results of the event and communicate the quotation information.
    • SourcingResultResponse: A message sent by the initiator of the sourcing event to communicate if the SourcingResult was successfully received and processed.

    Statistics and Forecasting 

    Synchronous Checks 

    Trading Partner Documents 


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