Endorsed By: Commerce One, Compaq, Microsoft, SAPMarkets, and Sun Microsystems

Schema for Object-Oriented XML (SOX)

NOTE: these tools are for use with early versions of xCBL and are provided here merely for users of those older versions. If you are new to xCBL it is recommended that you use the later W3C XML Schema based versions with the DocSOAPXDK toolkit (Click here for details).

SOX was created by Commerce One in anticipation of the coming W3C standard XML Schema Language. SOX leverages the object-relationships between data structures to allow for the easy management of a component library, and the use of type relationships within schema-based e-commerce applications. It also provides strong datatyping capabilities, like other XML Schema languages.

To learn how to use SOX, please see the SOX Tutorial. (For more high-level information, please see the "About" page below.)

About SOX